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Jon Watson me at jonwatson.ca
Sat Apr 26 00:38:06 ADT 2008

On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 12:30 AM, Daniel Enman <microburn at gmail.com> wrote:

> Perhaps I should be emailing a LUG group in Calgary, but I figured
> someone on this list has lived in Calgary.
> I'm moving out there the first of May, and I'm in need of an ISP. I've
> looked around, and found Shaw, and Telus, etc. Has anyone had an
> experience with them out there? Any other suggestions?
> I just moved the other way....

Telus = DSL, Shaw = Cable. Both have resellers, but they all lead back to
the same trough. I used both in my 15 years or so living there and found
them both adequate. I ended up preferring Shaw more because cable is a flick
of a switch install rather than waiting for some contractor to come by and
no hassle with DSL filters. Shaw also has te old TV, telephone, Internet
bundle which makes it pretty economical.

Shaw for sure does bandwidth shaping and I am not sure about Telus. If
you're a torrent junkie, Shaw is apparently not friendly to you (anecdotal
evidence. I would't know a torrent from a baseball hat).

I think they both have comparable limits for their residential accounts
(somewhere in the 60GB range), but I frequently went way the hell over that
with Shaw and they never complained. Can't speak for Telus because I used
them before I got into Linux and turned into a distro downloading fiend.

So, I guess my only useful recommendation is to go straight to the horse
rather than a reseller. Go to Shaw or Telus direct because the only really
intelligent bitching I've heard about ISPs in Calgary come from the
customers of resellers.

Oh, one exception to that is Nucleus. They are a DSL reseller and pricey,
but every one of their customers who I have run across will gladly throw
themselves on a sword for Nucleus.

Hope that helps.

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