[nSLUG] Re: Idea For a New Site

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Apr 25 14:33:39 ADT 2008

Dop wrote:

>> [precis of how RSS feeds work]
>> Is that how it works?
> Yes.

Or close enough for a first approximation, eh?  Good.  Thanks.  I
think I'm still a clue or two short.  I gather that there is no RFC.
Instead there are (at least) three conflicting "standards", documented
variously. Ho hum.

> I vaguely recall you mentioning you run Netscape 4 or so,...

Good recall.  Navigator 4.76.

> ...so I don't know how good the XML support would be, if there's any
> at all.

Zip. Nada. AFAICT.  I do have Firefox 1.x and 2.x to use when need
arises and they allegedly do "feeds".

> If you want to programatically pull down the strips the RSS feed is
> your best bet as essentially that's what it's for. It should also
> avoid the problem of the site being changed again, since the feed is
> supposed to be in a standard format and you can pick out whatever
> you want.

[Drifting a bit further OT here...]

It's not that I'm a Luddite.  It's that, on the one hand, I have this
compulsion to understand [1] the stuff I use while, OTOH, I want to
adopt truly useful new stuff.  In the techno-innovation shitstorm,
this requires choosing the occasional element and ignoring or working
around all the rest (unless you're Danny Hillis, of course :-).  So,
e.g., I learned to write HTML by hand but ignored CSS.  Browsed a book
on XML and subsequently ignored it.  I guess I have to read up a bit
on XML.

This is not as far OT as it might seem.  Early Linux had all the
plumbing and adjuster screws hanging out.  You *had* to understand it
to make it work. (Early adopters of the motor car replaced their
coachmen with riding mechanics who carried on-board tool chests.)  In
the campaign to bring Linux to the masses, increasingly sophisticated
technology is being hidden behind more and more chrome.  Whether this
appears to be a Good Thing or not depends, to some extent, on where
your chips lie.

Thanks for the comments, Dop.

- Mike

[1] I know.  Bizarre. Deprecated in all your better venues.  I once
asked a techie guy to explain something and he replied, "You don't
need to know that.  When you go to you doctor, do you expect him to
explain in detail what he's doing?"  I had to suppress raucous
laughter lest the poor Dude be seriously affronted.  Yes, and my
dentist, too, because biochemistry and physiology are a couple of the
things I chose out the the aforementioned techno-shitstorm as probably
being useful for the remainder of my lifetime. Correctly, it turns
out.  This has led to the occasional funny story about doctors which
I'll skip, since I'm way too far OT already. :-)

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