[nSLUG] Idea For a New Site

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Fri Apr 25 06:39:19 ADT 2008

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Mike Spencer wrote:

> Dop wrote:
>> Use their RSS feed.
>> http://feeds.feedburner.com/DilbertDailyStrip
> Um, what's an RSS feed?  Tikki-tikki..google..click..wikipedia...plok...
> Oh. Hm.  I don't fully understand how this works so I guess we can
> Remain On Topic If I ask how.
> Here's how I get it:

[precis of how RSS feeds work]

> Is that how it works?


> Does this mean that if I'm deep into reading something and a feed
> time stamp expires, my browser will whap open a new window with the
> latest update on $WHATEVER?

No, it's just a blob of text that's served out from a web server that's 
updated on the server side intermittently and updated on the client side 
whenever the client next requests the file. You can probably read the feed 
directly in your browser (which I thought was what you were after). That 
said, I vaguely recall you mentioning you run Netscape 4 or so, so I don't 
know how good the XML support would be, if there's any at all. If you want 
to programatically pull down the strips the RSS feed is your best bet as 
essentially that's what it's for. It should also avoid the problem of the 
site being changed again, since the feed is supposed to be in a standard 
format and you can pick out whatever you want.

> I works fine. Of course they'll change something by 'n bye and it will
> stop working.  Maybe not soon. :-)

I wouldn't hold my breath ;->

Cheers... Dop.

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