[nSLUG] Re: Idea For a New Site

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Apr 19 17:34:56 ADT 2008

me> Anybody else think the Dilbert site has turned into PHB Advanced
me> Media & Marketing Inc. as of Friday?

Gerald> It's awful. Has anyone figured out a way to just get to the
Gerald> strip without the junk?

Even before the Eye Candy Downgrade, they they were using what appeard
to be random-number names for the strip images, making it impossible
to script a fetch of the image name for a given date.  A cursory scrut
seems to show similar for present configuration.

I look at User Friendly strips via a localhost/cgi-bin/perl-script [1]
that constructs the URL for just the graphic and omits the long page
of boring fan chatter. Never could figure out how to do that with

The Dilbert site's "Contact us" page has a  24-column, 1-line
textarea. Cute. I saved the file, added a <BASE... tag, edited the
textarea attributes to get a full screen pane to work in and sent them
my opinion of the new site.  Ho hum.  Probably futile unless someone
posts an equally inflammatory rant to Slashdot and brings the wrath of
Digital Geekdom down on the (inferred) new PHB at Dilbert Web Design.

- Mike

[1] This is the requisite granule of ObLinux, YADATROT.

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