[nSLUG] 1. cdrecord & DVDs? 2. init in *ubuntu

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Fri Apr 4 02:54:07 ADT 2008

Mike Spencer wrote:
>> The disk sounds like it is a dual layer disk but your drive *may*
>> only be a single layer which means it will only burn up to 4.4 gig
>> so be careful ...
> Well the box *says* it will do "up to 8.5 GB on one disk".

Sounds like dual-layer.   If you drive detects it, you should be all set 
to use 8.5GB.

> Nobody answered my question explicitly but I think I can infer it from
> your replies: the system auto-detects the media somehow.
> I first encountered optical media long before consumer-grade burners
> were available.  I was allowed to use a Widget -- I forget the make --
> that would burn 8" disks incrementally and was told not to break it
> because it cost $10,000.  Fast-forward to my own Linux boxen, all with
> trailing edge tech.  The competing formats, even then, were moderately
> baffling and I remain pretty much baffled by the media designations
> used for contemporary laser disks.
> Allegedly, this drive will burn:
>     DVD-R MAX
>     DVD-R DL
>     DVD+RW
>     DVD-RAM
>     DVD-ROM
>     CD-RW
>     CD-R
> with no mention of "layers" or what those designations might mean,
> either at the tecnical or the practical level.
My guestimate would be the DL one, probably Dual Layer.
I haven't picked one of these up yet - some day - it would cut down my 
archiving chores a bit, but wondering how safe the data is.

Were you looking at creating your own DVD with menus, or just an iso?
I used to create my own with menus and sometimes I was able to put two 
or three episodes on one DVD.
Not having a dedicated DVD player... we hardly watch TV anymore let 
alone movies...  I needed to convert mpg and avi files to work on the DVD.
I guess there are some players that will play avi's which save 
conversion time (which can take an hour or more to convert to mpg).

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