[nSLUG] 1. cdrecord & DVDs? 2. init in *ubuntu

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Thu Apr 3 10:03:56 ADT 2008

Daryl wrote:
> The disk sounds like it is a dual layer disk but your drive *may* only 
> be a single layer which means it will only burn up to 4.4 gig so be 
> careful before you start burning. Do you have a gui or are you CLI only? 
> if you have a gui, install K3B and it will check the drive and tell you 
> what it can burn.

K3B is thee best burner interface.  I used to use cmd line tools 
(cdrdao, cdrecord, mkisofs, etc), it uses them all, and does an 
excellent job.
Unless you have a dual-layer DVD writer, then stick with 4.4GB.   Also, 
I get hardly zero coasters using DVD-R,
however, they are slower, 15min per 4GB, instead of the 8min per 4GB for 
DVD+R (lots of coasters).

In recent releases of cdrtools (cdrecord),  they change the access 
interface.  I have both SCSI and IDE burners, so you may need to specify 
ATAPI: in your device option.

    ie.    ATAPI:1,2,0

Also, not all systems use 0,0,0 as a device, check what device it is:

for IDE drives:

cdrecord -scanbus dev=ATAPI

    1,0,0    100) 'HL-DT-ST' 'DVDRAM GSA-4163B' 'A104' Removable CD-ROM

for SCSI drives:

cdrecord -scanbus
    1,4,0    104) 'HP      ' 'CD-Writer+ 9200 ' '1.0c' Removable CD-ROM

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