[nSLUG] 1. cdrecord & DVDs? 2. init in *ubuntu

Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Thu Apr 3 09:28:59 ADT 2008

Hi Mike

I use xcdroast, which is a great GUI front end to cdrecord, mkisofs, 
etc. It will burn both CD's and DVD's and will even do the creating of 
the .iso file and the burning concurrently instead of consecutively, 
provided your system has enough power. And you can choose to make the 
result bootable or not.

There used to be a issue with xcdroast burning DVD's - you had to 
download a special version of one executable and then get and install a 
key that would unlock it. But that is no longer the case, using, for 
example, Debian's 0.98+0alpha15-11.1version. However the documentation 
still has not caught up with the application, so you can ignore those 
parts of the doc's.

Hope this helps.


Mike Spencer wrote:
> I've used cdrecord to burn CD-Rs and CD-RW.  Now I have a drive that
> allegedly will burn DVDs.  But I see nothing in the manpage about a
> switch or whatever to specify DVD although it *does* say that DVDs are
> supported.
> So I'm *guessing* that the hardware detects the medium inserted and
> reports out to cdrecord on request so cdrecord automatically does the
> right thing for the medium.
> Is that right?  Just stick a blank DVD in and it will do the right
> thing?
> Another question: Does Ubuntu and its derivatives use SysV init
> files?  Or do they use the BSD-style?  I might have someone drop by to
> get some help and I just realized that I may have to do some homework
> if he has SysV init files.  (I started with Caldera and SysV in 1999
> but soon switched to Slack, which uses BSD, and haven't looked back.)
> - Mike

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