[nSLUG] Must read report on OLPC in Peru: Astounded in Arahuay

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Tue Apr 1 09:04:49 ADT 2008

George N. White III wrote:
> <http://radian.org/notebook/astounded-in-arahuay>
> "I recently returned from a grueling three-week stay in Peru, where I
> worked with the serious Ministry of Education team entrusted with the
> country's 260-thousand laptop OLPC implementation. "
> "Note to self: it's nice to work with hypercompetent people."
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> PBS has had a couple shows about the project and the very bitter
> feelings between Intel and OLPC, and speculation that M$ has been
> working behind the scenes to sabotage OLPC.  No wonder M$ sees
> this as a serious threat -- it has the potential to make Linux synonymous
> with personal computing and internet for a huge emerging market.
> There has been press coverage of the OLPC screen technology, and
> also some mention of the wireless networking.  The latter is very interesting
> because the wireless chip has its own CPU so the machine can act as a
> wireless relay node with the main CPU powered down.  Conventional
> engineering wisdom is that you lower cost by simplifying silicon and doing
> more in software, but this means having a high-powered CPU running
> all the time, so you end up spending more on battery capacity.
> I also wonder about the differences between my own education, largely
> based on using print sources, and education where the main sources
> are internet.  Recently I've been working with time series and many of
> my internet searches yield only links to proprietary software and commercial
> print publications (available online for a price).   This is in contrast to
> some other fields were the  best sources are readily accessible online.
I took part in OLPC buy one give one, my grand daughter has and uses one 
and the other is who knows where. This was in my opinion a great ideal, 
unfortunately only about 4000 Canadians took advantage of this offer. I 
tried to get people interested where I live in it; but they kept saying 
it was a scam.
It is amazing how  in a town whose only source of income is education, 
can so close minded and skeptical.


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