[nSLUG] Upgrade tools, or... (choosing a new distribution)

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:44:54 ADT 2007

In my opinion, the question of "what is the best distro" is going to
be answered as if you asked "what is your favorite/pet distro", unless
you specify "for what purpose".

Letters, emails, FAX, parcels and post-it notes are all ways of
getting documents from one place to another, and in each case
there is a best fit.

Likewise there is no "best car" for you without knowing your needs
(# of kids, # and size of pets, needs for camping, musical instruments,
outdoor sports, hardware store trips).

Likewise, I would answer Solaris, Ubuntu, NetBSD, Debian or Redhat
depending on what a person wanted to do. Even Novell Linux
has a great fit for certain needs.  It really all depends what you
need to do with the O.S.  If you don't have an end goal but
just enjoy tooling around, pick anything that strikes your fancy.

If the only thing you are shopping for is ease of server maintenance and
long life, then I think Debian is the only one with a track record of actually
documenting the in-situ upgrade paths and testing this well.  It is
really something that can't be judged purely by the existence of
an upgrade selection inside of an installer.


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