[nSLUG] Checkpoint VPN Connection

Mark Wood markpwood at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 12:21:51 ADT 2007


Has anyone on the list heard of or implemented a successful connection from
a Linux box (Suse 10 in my case) using Openswan to a Checkpoint VPN?
Traditionally, we connect using the provided Checkpoint (Windows) client,
but I've been searching around and have found a few articles that indicate
the Linux connection may work.  I'm not terribly familiar with Openswan, so
I'm still at the poking around stage, trying to figure out what is going
wrong with the connection.  As far as I can tell, there isn't anything on
the VPN side that will prevent a Linux connection, since it's simply looking
for a certificate (which I have).  I used openssl to convert the PKCS12 (?)
cert into pem files that ipsec could read and appear to have the connection
details correct in ipsec.conf (ip of vpn, vpn subnet, my local ip, subnet
and Eastlink IP from my router).  So far it just tries to connect and
doesn't succeed; tonight I'll try to figure out how to get more debug info
but I thought I'd ask if anyone had done it or knew for sure that it won't
work.  Thanks.

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