[nSLUG] smu wireless setup

Tyler Smith tyler.smith at mail.mcgill.ca
Sun Oct 28 20:48:35 ADT 2007

On Sun, Oct 28, 2007 at 09:12:20PM -0300, Jack Warkentin wrote:
> I recently installed Debian Lenny on my laptop and discovered that the 
> driver for my wireless card *was not* included in either the 
> installation kernel or the installed kernel, so the card was not 
> detected. So your first step is to make sure the driver is correctly 
> installed.

Thanks Jack,

I'm running Lenny on a Thinkpad R60, which has an atheros wireless
card that has been running fine with the Madwifi driver since I
installed it a year ago. So I'm pretty sure my problem is related to
the wireless set-up at SMU, and from what I've gathered from the
debian.user people the fact that SMU uses a hidden SSID might be the
ultimate problem. No solutions yet.



Who is your computer working for?


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