[nSLUG] Linux and Laptops

Ian Bezanson irb at ianbezanson.ca
Sun Oct 28 10:08:12 ADT 2007

I think that you should be relatively safe with either Fedora or Ubuntu.  
Ubuntu _just_ came out with a new release of their distro, and I believe that 
Fedora is releasing a new one next month.  With a new laptop, you'll likely 
have one or two minor issues with either of these distros.

My advice, as many others have suggested before, do the research.  Narrow down 
to a couple of models of notebooks which you are interested in, and search 
google for that model and your distro of choice.  You should pretty quickly 
come up with a list of gotchas.

I personally run a Dell Latitude D630 (a couple of months old, but was a brand 
new model at the time) and I've noticed a couple of hiccups with the previous 
release of Ubuntu (Feisty) on it (sound can get weird, and hibernation 
doesn't work quite right).  Although, my previous laptop was a MacBook Pro, 
so nothing works quite as nice as that did for hibernation.

Hope this helps,

Ian Bezanson

On October 28, 2007 09:33:19 am sbo at eastlink.ca wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wanted to get the opinions of experts on this matter.  I am looking at
> purchasing a new laptop and installing Linux as the OS, but I am finding
> issues with some of the distributions finding some of the hardware, such as
> wireless cards and configuring the video.  I already have Fedora 6 on an
> older desktop and it works wonderfully (connected directly to my router
> though, not wireless).  I like Fedora and Ubuntu but have seen issues with
> the way they detects wireless cards.
> Here are my questions.  I am thinking of getting a pretty recent laptop (if
> not entirely new)
> -          Which distribution is pretty safe in terms of detecting the
> basic hardware (wireless cards and video)?
> -          Are there some distributions that are more "laptop-friendly"
> than others?
> Thank you in advance.
> SB

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