[nSLUG] Linux and Laptops

sbo at eastlink.ca sbo at eastlink.ca
Sun Oct 28 09:33:19 ADT 2007

Hi all,


I wanted to get the opinions of experts on this matter.  I am looking at
purchasing a new laptop and installing Linux as the OS, but I am finding
issues with some of the distributions finding some of the hardware, such as
wireless cards and configuring the video.  I already have Fedora 6 on an
older desktop and it works wonderfully (connected directly to my router
though, not wireless).  I like Fedora and Ubuntu but have seen issues with
the way they detects wireless cards.


Here are my questions.  I am thinking of getting a pretty recent laptop (if
not entirely new)


-          Which distribution is pretty safe in terms of detecting the basic
hardware (wireless cards and video)?

-          Are there some distributions that are more "laptop-friendly" than


Thank you in advance.





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