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Bill Davidson billdavidson at eastlink.ca
Tue Oct 23 00:12:49 ADT 2007

Hi again:

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread, it was useful and mostly
confirmed the kinds of things I was thinking about.

For those who inquired about the position, I can say this:  I know there
are 7 positions.  At this time I am aware of 2 scheduled interviews, but
there are probably more (the technical parts are being split between me
and another guy, so if I am scheduled for 2 he probably is as well).
The hiring firm is Keane (www.keane.com).  I don't know which position
listed on their web site corresponds to this job.  I was told that it is
a Level 2 team that is expanding, and among their new responsibilities
will be managing powerdowns and server builds.  The engagement is
probably with a large multi-national financial company.

Here are at least some of the requirements that were sent to the
recruiters, which may not correspond to what appears in recruitment ads:

        Role Description: Strong Unix/Linux Systems Administrator with
        high potential and drive to learn. This is a position in a team
        of skilled and dynamic individuals for support of a 24x7 global
        A candidate should be able to learn on the job and demonstrate
        the desire to grow beyond core sys admin skills. We are looking
        for someone with a passion for technology who is capable of
        innovative thinking and the ability to break down and dig into
        the details of problems.
        Exp Must Have/ Desired /Ideal Skills 
        Strong Solaris and/or Linux core operating system
        administration. (Transition from other Unix flavors may be
        Strong communication and problem-solving skills 
        Ability to work in a team 
        Performance analysis and tuning, Kernel tuning 
        Veritas Volume Manager or experience with other forms of logical
        volume management is a strong . 
        Experience with some form of High Availability or Clustering,
        with Veritas Cluster Server being the preferred 
        Experience dealing with end-user troubleshooting requests 
        Experience coding scripts from scratch with Perl, shell or some
        other scripting language 
        Networking experience 
        Storage management
        Experience working for a financial/Wall Street firm. 

Don't be intimidated by any product names or buzzwords.  The first two
lines above are probably the only important ones.  If the position
involves the engagement that I think it does, then it is a unique
environment and everyone who works there knows it, and knows that nobody
outside that firm would have experience with their particular product

I se one position listed on the Keane web site as "Level 2 UNIX
Support", so that may be this one, or it might be the one labeled "UNIX
Administrator".  Either way, it's a good environment in which to work
and I would encourage any of you who are shopping to get a resume in
there.  If I can get more details about this particular position I will
post them here.

On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 20:44 -0300, Jon wrote:
> I can't remember who started this thread, but I've really enjoyed it.
> When this thread came across my inbox I thought I would be treated to an
> endless stream of *nix minutia. I'm very pleased to see that the bulk of
> the responses focus on problem solving and aptitude rather than arcane
> knowledge of *nix tools.
> This thread has been instrumental in forming my favourable neophyte
> impression of the nSlug.
> Thanks,
> Jon
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