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Jon Watson me at jonwatson.ca
Mon Oct 22 16:41:09 ADT 2007

Good point. Strangely (I thought at the time) sed and awk are covered in almost every Linux-ey course I've taken. 

Probably because they're useful as hell. 


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On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 03:42:27PM -0300, Daniel Morrison wrote:
> It's always good to ask some awk/sed/sort questions, to distinguish a real
> cmd-line user from a point-n-click admin.  For example, ask what these do:
> awk -F: 'print $1' /etc/passwd | sort
> - lists users from /etc/passwd alphabetically

This question in particular will distinguish between someone who knows
awk and someone who just read about it on nslug ;)


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