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Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Oct 19 14:43:06 ADT 2007

I submit that "granularity" is a certified buzzword or, at best, one
that is highly context dependent.

Consider AFS (aka Andrew File System):

    NFS:  Permissions on every file and directory
    AFS:  Access control by directory

thus AFS has coarser granularity, but

    NFS:  Only 3 categories of permissions (owner, group and world)
    AFS:  Permission can be set for any particular user or group
          along with other details too messy to enumerate here.

so AFS has finer granularity.  Ho hum.

The appearance of phrases such as "Granular policy-based rights
management" in a document cause my eyes to glaze over and, if I've had
enough coffee at the time, to /dev/null the doc in question.

Recently the supermarket checkout lady said to me, "Do you want your
free pork chops?  These are 'buy one, get one free'."  Say *what*?
Sure 'nuff, there's a garish, brightly colored sticker that says, "BUY
1, GET 1 FREE!".  Whereupon I realized that I was habitually blocking
out all garish, brightly colored text and images in the store and
paying attention only to plain black & white text.  For the obvious
reason that all (well, now 99.99973% :-) of the GBC stuff is
content-free hype.

"Granular policy-based rights management" essentially means "Buy This!"

- Mike

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