[nSLUG] Policy. WAS Re: Every one in a while....

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Fri Oct 19 13:11:08 ADT 2007

D G Teed wrote:
> A few days ago someone was asking about static IPs and
> someone suggested SSL-Explorer.

That was me. Looks like a great too, too. I can't wait to get some
cycles to play with it.

> When I googled "Granular policy-based rights wikipedia" the first hit was
> an entry on SSL-Explorer.  "Granular policy-based rights management"
> is listed there under "Features in Brief":
> http://www.sshtools.com/showSslExplorerCommunity.do
> I hope this perhaps would settle the arguments and provide the original
> context of the OP's question.

I'm unclear on how Wikipedia's SEO efforts define granular policy based
rights management. I also don't see any definition of the term on the
page you reference (either Wikipedia or the SSH Tools page).

I'm not being deliberately obtuse, I really don't see the dots your


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