[nSLUG] Policy. WAS Re: Every one in a while....

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Fri Oct 19 11:52:36 ADT 2007

Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Oct 2007 11:20:43 -0300
> Jon <me at jonwatson.ca> wrote:
>> So it would seem that not only does the word 'policy' tweak Windows in
>> my mind, but the minds of many other people as well.
> Fair enough.  But when *I* hear the word 'policy' in this context,
> Windows does not jump to mind.  

Fair enough.

> Nor would I expect it to in the minds
> of people who work primarily in the world of Unix/Linux.

It's been my experience that the most effective Linux advocates are
those that work in both fields. The three people who I would consider
the most knowledgeable Linux people in Calgary, for example, have both
Windows and Linux customers in their client base. Those that recoil in
horror at the name of another OS are typically bad advocates as they
tend to be more emotional than logical. I am not implying that you did
that, by the way.

> I meant my
> search stat only to establish a strong connection for the term outside
> of the Windows domain 

It failed at that. All it did was establish a strong connection for the
term 'selinux policy' and the word 'policy'. A connection which is
already established in the term itself.

> and within the supposed purview of this list.

I've investigated the nSLUG website and don't find any rules for this
list. There is a general statement that the list is:

"This E-mail list is used as a general discussion board on broad range
of topics from Linux support to indepth discussion on kernel hacking."

That's rather vague so I decided to view the archives to see what has
been considered acceptable subject matter in the past. I see many
non-Linux related topics such as:

1. Where to purchase a flat screen monitor
2. Static IP questions (yes, that was me)
3. Tech books in Halifax
4. ISP support
5. Municipal wifi
6. TV series on DVD at Halifax public Library

It doesn't appear that any of these non-Linux related posts were outside
the purview of this list as no members indicated such. Since topics such
as these were entertained in the past, I don't believe there is any need
to assume that members who are posting questions that are not
specifically Linux-related would only welcome Linux-related answers.


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