[nSLUG] Every one in a while....

Gerald linux at zdoit.airpost.net
Fri Oct 19 09:50:13 ADT 2007

David Potter wrote:
> I get curious about the words....
> What does "Granular policy-based rights management" really mean?

At some level it means nothing because without a clue to the size of the
"grains" everything is granular.

Some years ago I used to go out on sales calls for the software company
  I worked for. The client in this story was analyzing economic data.
Most of the data was updated monthly, some less often, a little more
often. The competitors product could be used for real time data, such as
factory floor production. Our product could not do that since the entire
database was locked to update any value. The competitor made some
reference to their ability to selectively lock parts of the database for

The IT people at the customer only understood the technology of the
products, not the user interface. The IT department reasoned that
selective locking was better than locking the entire database. When the
users told me about this I responded that our product could do what they
needed since it depended upon "the granularity of the locks." WE won the

"Granularity of the locks" became the phrase a sales rep would chant
when a magic trick was needed to close a deal.


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