[nSLUG] Re: Buying books: I take it back, partly

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Oct 18 14:34:28 ADT 2007

Donald wrote:

> This is the odd thing about learning the Linux OS - for those of us
> who used Unix in the 80's we picked it up in the days of relative
> infancy.  Just finding all of the things you could do from a shell
> prompt was so cool.

Ha! Absolutely.  As a guy who takes things apart and falls into a snit
if they're designed to prevent that, the Unix command line seemed like
my home pasture when I first encountered it.  Say, how *do* you do
long, complicated pipelines from a drop-down menu?  (Oh, never mind, I
don't really want to know. :-)

> I doubt that a student today would...type 'cal 2008' as a first step
> in thinking about planning something for next year.

Oh, cool!  I didn't know  you could do that.  No, a student today
probably wouldn't.

- Mike

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