[nSLUG] Buying books: I take it back, partly

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Thu Oct 18 13:15:46 ADT 2007

For the shell, I learned with the help of Unix Shell Programming, by
Kochan and Wood.  The "newer" one I have was published in 1990.
I don't see current books go into the same nuances.

This is the odd thing about learning the Linux OS - for those of us
who used Unix in the 80's we picked it up in the days
of relative infancy.  Just finding all of the things
you could do from a shell prompt was so cool.
Learning it from a modern GUI-full, TCP-rich operating system
skips some of the foundations.  I doubt that a student today
would spend part of an afternoon experimenting with each
type of shell test commands, or type 'cal 2008' as a first step
in thinking about planning something for next year.


On 10/17/07, Tyler Smith <tyler.smith at mail.mcgill.ca> wrote:

> I'd be very interested to hear what you folks would place among the
> true classics. I'm relatively new to linux, but the stuff that I've
> found most exciting so far are
> C
>   K&R
> Lisp/Scheme
>   Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
>   Norvig's AI Lisp book
>   I haven't finished either of these yet, as they look to require the
>   same sort of undivided attention that K&R did for full effect.
> Not exactly a classic, but O'Reilly's 'Classic Shell Scripting' was a
> solid introduction to the POSIX shell stuff.
> Cheers,
> Tyler
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