[nSLUG] Re Aliant vs Eastlink. and static IPs

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Tue Oct 16 09:20:03 ADT 2007

On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Jim Haliburton wrote:

> The speed and IP issue is problematic for many people.  At one time
> Aliant using DSL supplied 5 mbits down and about 750-1000kbits up.

If you were close enough to the CO, it was 7 meg down, 1 meg up. I was 
about 500 metres from the CO at one point and was getting full rate on the 
Paradyne modem I had.

> Then to increase their footprint they lowered that speed to 2.5 or 3.

A cynical person might have put "profit" rather than "footprint".

> If in a given service area you have a choice between Aliant and Eastlink,
> I have found that those with Eastlink have better service and a lot
> fewer headaches.  Dealing with accounts and billing at Aliant is a
> struggle that goes beyond belief.

The departments don't talk to each other and quite often the systems are 
at odd with each other. Combine that with some monstrously incompetent 
decisions (I think my favourite was the decision to use T1's that had been 
retired from voice service because they were too noisy for the USR TC 
racks for dialup use, leading to a call failure rate of up to 90% on some 
lines) and I'm moderately surprised the whole thing is still hanging 

> [billing issues]

Another point that amazes me how they can still be in business. My father 
in law managed to go for 5 years on dialup service without getting a bill. 
He assumed it was part of his phone bill, and the first day he got a bill 
for dialup service was the first day he switched to his local cable ISP.

> At least at Eastlink the Business people can also look at your other
> services and can figure out the problem.  At Aliant you may talk to
> someone in Newfoundland or New Brunswick, who has no idea of the
> geography of Nova Scotia.  So you say Burnside Industrial Park and they
> can't find it on their list of served locations!

I may be biased because we have a business data service on fibre at the 
office, but I've never had a problem with Eastlink's service. I have, in 
the past, dumped a problem on my sales rep's lap while I was in a vehicle 
driving back from Cape Breton, and by the time we hit Truro she'd got the 
technical people to resolve it for me. By contrast, with the Aliant 
service we have I'm lucky to get a response in under a week.

> Another time Aliant disconnected a client because someone using their
> username was trying to login to their PPPoE account.  They did not
> succeed, but Aliant disconnected the clients service.

That would have been done automatically by the security department, at a 
guess. I would imagine this is not noted in the user's helpdesk entry 
because the security department would not have access.

> I know people who have had similar complaints about Eastlink so it as the
> saying goes "it depends".

Agreed. Service is a little spotty at 0dark:30 on the weekends. The techs 
are generally willing to own a problem and get stuff fixed, which I 

> So Eastlink tends to be faster and consistantly so.  The distance from
> the head end has less or no impact on speed unlike the impact of the
> distance form a DSL CO.  Eastlink has a permanent connection with no
> login required.  The service is via the MAC addresss of the modem.

One thing that isn't mentioned too often is the fact that with Eastlink, 
you can get an extra real IP for (if I recall correctly) $10/mo - and 
that's an Internet visible address, not NAT.

Cheers... Dop.

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