[nSLUG] tech books in Halifax?

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Oct 15 22:19:42 ADT 2007

Mike Spencer wrote:
> Tyler> Where's the best place to browse tech books in Halifax?
> Yow!  'Scuse me if I rant:
> In 1989, my wife went to Dal for her masters and I started doing some
> part time IT work there so I was spending a lot of time in Halifax
> and around academics until 1994.  But when I went looking for tech
> books, I hit a wall.

Hi Mike,

Halifax is not alone.  Its pretty much like that in the US too.  Mostly 
big centers have somewhat a descent collection,
usually at Borders (owned by GM, BTW).  We had one little store that 
carried 8 shelves of books.  In the DOS days,
they actually had some good books, but not advanced.  Everyone seemed to 
be writing beginner and intermediate.
I was excited when I saw Norton's Advanced Basic... lol, I laughed, this 
is advanced...  I was doing that stuff on my own,
years before it was published.  Not sure what I was called if that was 
advanced. :) hehe

I used to have a library of about 500 books. My wife told me to ditch 
them before moving to Canada.
So I relinquished about 200 books from the early 80's, mostly DOS based, 
to a local charity.
I had magazines from the 80's I had to give up too.  It was a sad day, 
like I lost a part of me. :)  sniff..

I used to travel to Allentown, which they actually believed people would 
buy tech books.
I would always buy 2 or 3 books when I was down there.  Then I would go 
to Philadelphia on South Street,
and be floored at the books.  I thought I died and went to heaven.  
Something like 4 walls of books.
Then I went to New York City, McGraw Hill, almost a whole floor.  I used 
to get 10% off from TW, so it was worth the trip.
Lastly, when I was in LA a few years back, I was awestruck!  A whole 
freakin building, 2 floors, nothing but tech books.
I bought like $400 worth of books (think 8 or 9.. forget), my friend 
bought $200 worth.
The clerk asked if worked in Silicon Valley, said I wish..  we taking 
them back to PA!

Then a few short years later... the internet became my bookstore.

I know what you mean about the exorbitant prices at  universities.
Penn State does the same thing.  We asked the clerk, her wisea$$ remark was
"Well dear, when you graduate and get your degree, you'll be earning so 
much you won't even notice".
Bull...  I still notice a few grand in books I'll never use again. 

A DP book that was only 10-years behind the times, pushing punch cards 
as the medium of the day... lol!
I remember telling the prof, hey whats with the outdated books.  They 
don't even list optical media!
I think the prof was too lazy to get a new book list.

It's amazing that other fields do not invest in their specialty.
Oh well.

I think some online sites offer sample chapters, not sure if that helps.



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