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D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 22:11:10 ADT 2007

I don't have any trouble figuring out how to do this - it is
dead easy, and that is why I'm saying Aliant should have set him
up with his current email software rather than Outlook.

My Dad is in a different town, and after the trouble
of changing his ISP set up, email address,
and importing/exporting his addressbook, he will not
let me walk him through the switch back to Thunderbird.

That policy of Aliant's is effectively converting people
like my Dad into Outlook users - this is evil.

On 10/15/07, Rich <budman85 at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> D G Teed wrote:
> > This is a little off topic, but I have a beef with Aliant's business
> > methods.
> >
> > My Dad just switched from Rush communications to Aliant high speed.
> > Aliant Tech Support would only set him up with Outlook Express.
> > I know people have complained that Linux isn't supported by ISPs, but
> > pushing only the Microsoft email client on Windows seems ridiculous.
> > It would not be much effort for them to do walk throughs of popular open
> > source clients like Thunderbird.  My Dad is too frustrated from the
> > experience to repeat it and get his old Thunderbird set up again.
> >
> > Thanks to Aliant, my Dad is now 100% virus and worm compatible.
> >
> > I hope the traditional phone companies go under - the Internet is the
> > meteor impact which should wipe out the bad business model
> > they follow.
> >
> > --Donald
> >
> >
> All you need is the host names for the mail servers.
> I spoke to the guys my previous ISP, sometimes you get a tech that knows
> what he is doing and not reading a script.
> He told me the reason most push Microsoft, is because Windows sends and
> receives mail from - mail.xxxx  and its just easier for them to use one
> config script.
> When he heard I was using Linux, he told me just setup outgoing as smtp
> and incoming as pop or pop3.
> I spoke to Eastlink when I first installed, they told me the same thing.
> smtp.eastlink.ca and pop.eastlink.ca
> Just set up the mail account and you are set.
> Configure thunderbird to those settings and you will have no problems.
> I've been using Thunderbird and Evolution for four years now.
> Hope that helps,
> Rich
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