[nSLUG] ISPs in NS

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Oct 15 21:00:31 ADT 2007

D G Teed wrote:
> This is a little off topic, but I have a beef with Aliant's business 
> methods.
> My Dad just switched from Rush communications to Aliant high speed.
> Aliant Tech Support would only set him up with Outlook Express.
> I know people have complained that Linux isn't supported by ISPs, but
> pushing only the Microsoft email client on Windows seems ridiculous.
> It would not be much effort for them to do walk throughs of popular open
> source clients like Thunderbird.  My Dad is too frustrated from the
> experience to repeat it and get his old Thunderbird set up again.
> Thanks to Aliant, my Dad is now 100% virus and worm compatible.
> I hope the traditional phone companies go under - the Internet is the
> meteor impact which should wipe out the bad business model
> they follow.
> --Donald

All you need is the host names for the mail servers.
I spoke to the guys my previous ISP, sometimes you get a tech that knows 
what he is doing and not reading a script.
He told me the reason most push Microsoft, is because Windows sends and 
receives mail from - mail.xxxx  and its just easier for them to use one 
config script.
When he heard I was using Linux, he told me just setup outgoing as smtp 
and incoming as pop or pop3.

I spoke to Eastlink when I first installed, they told me the same thing.
smtp.eastlink.ca and pop.eastlink.ca

Just set up the mail account and you are set.
Configure thunderbird to those settings and you will have no problems.
I've been using Thunderbird and Evolution for four years now.

Hope that helps,

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