[nSLUG] tech books in Halifax?

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Oct 15 18:09:06 ADT 2007

Tyler Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Where's the best place to browse tech books in Halifax? I've been out to Chapters, 
> but there's not much there for those of us interested in crusty old languages like 
> C and Lisp. Or maybe I should say there's not much there for crusty old people 
> interested in C and Lisp.

There is a book store on Barrington... oh man.. can think of the name...

Chapters in Kingston was decent, here its pretty much pick which Dummy 
book you want.
Where I used to live, their idea of computer section was a fall full of 
Dummy and Idiot books.
The one that I always crack up at is "Mac for Dummies, Vol II"   lol!


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