[nSLUG] tech books in Halifax?

William Lachance wrlach at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 14:36:50 ADT 2007

On Mon, 2007-15-10 at 14:19 -0300, Tyler Smith wrote:
> I'm looking for three things: something to follow up on K&R with, a
> good general intro to Lisp, and stuff to help me convert my MSAccess
> databases over to mysql. Chapters does have O'Reilly's 'Learning SQL',
> and I've read the first five chapters from the library - it's pretty
> good. I'd like to see 'SQL in a Nutshell' though, since I find that I
> outgrow intro books fast enough that I'd rather invest my pennies in a
> more comprehensive reference. 

I agree with Stephanie-- brick and mortar book sellers are near useless
for anything computer related. There just doesn't seem to be much of an
overlap between the sorts of people who want to run a bookstore and
those who have good taste in computer books. Even in Montreal (where I
lived until recently), pickings were extremely slim.

Anyway, as far as LISP is concerned, I'd highly recommend checking this


If you like what you see in the online edition, you can always order a
copy. I worked through the first chapter or so on a weekend, been
meaning to return to it for some time. There's something really special
about the SLIME editing environment...
William Lachance <wrlach at gmail.com>
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