[nSLUG] Static IP Availability Question

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Mon Oct 15 14:23:22 ADT 2007

Yeah, but this isn't an incoming issue. I need a static IP for outgoing


Robin Murray wrote:
> I've been using dyndns on my linux server for about a year and have yet
> to have any issues. They provide a client to update the IP automatically
> with their servers whenever it changes.
> Rick Burdon wrote:
>> If you go with Eastlink you'll find that your IP won't change very
>> often.  Maybe once a year or so.  The you can save the cash you would
>> spend for a static.  There are some excellent free services out there
>> that will update a domain name to a dynamic IP.  That way you can play
>> all you want with VPN, ssh, webservers etc.  If you're stuck on Aliant
>> they will still work very nicely.  But remember that their IPs update
>> very frequently and Aliant doesn't have near the bandwith the Eastlink
>> has.
>> Rick
>> On 10/15/07, *Jon* <me at jonwatson.ca <mailto:me at jonwatson.ca>> wrote:
>>     Hey All,
>>     I'm discovering all sorts of things out here that are different from
>>     Alberta. Today I discovered that Aliant wants $105/month for a static
>>     IP. Clearly, that's highway robbery, but I need some sort of static
>>     presence outbound as I need to get through firewalls now and again.
>>     So, my questions are:
>>     1. Is there someone more reasonably priced than Aliant?
>>     2. Can anyone recommend a VPN service or something similar that I can
>>     use to tunnel through?
>>     3. Any other bright ideas?
>>     Thanks
>>     Jon
>>     _______________________________________________

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