[nSLUG] Static IP Availability Question

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Mon Oct 15 14:08:11 ADT 2007

I've used OpenVPN extensively in the past. It works well, but it has two

1. Key management is far too much of a PITA for end users to manage
2. Requires installation on the client machine. We're looking for
something that can be used from anywhere - probably web based. This is
the same reason why an SSH tunnel won't work well.

I actually had a client outright reject OpenVPN once because it was too
'ugly' on his Windows client. He insisted on PPTPd because it was
integrated so nicely with Windows. Form over security...takes all kinds,
I guess.

Anyhow, there are a bunch of ways to twist this thing, but the bottom
line is that I need to be able to send all traffic out from a known and
static IP. That sounds like VPN to me, but since I can't seem to get
OpenVPN to run in a VPS and I'm not going to shell out the $$ for a
dedicated box just to make it a VPN server, I'm looking for other
alternatives. I'm thinking there must be an entrepreneurial spirit out
there on the interwebs somewhere offering such a service.

Have to find some time to do some Googling...


Scott Perry wrote:
> You might want to take a look at OpenVPN. http://openvpn.net
> It is based on SSL rather than IPSec, but it's free, has clients for
> mutiple OS's, it's easy to configure, firewall friendly, etc...
> -Scott
> Jon wrote:
>> Heya
>> This is more of an outgoing issues. I ran servers in my previous house,
>> but I have no desire to do that again here.
>> Yes, a staging ssh machine that is trusted by all others in the network
>> is a good idea, but it only solves half the problem. Many of the
>> interfaces I need to get to are web interfaces hence why I thinking of a
>>  VPN style solution. I know I can probably use an SSH tunnel through our
>> staging machine, but there are less technical users that also need to
>> use the system.
>> I thought about a cheap VPS to provide VPN services to me, but I've had
>> troubles with getting the necessary IPTables running in a VPS in the past.
>> Lots of ideas...
>> J
>> D G Teed wrote:
>>> If you are interested in running domain services, some of us are running
>>> low volume web and email services on the cheap by using alternate ports in
>>> combination with dynamic DNS services like dyndns, and smart relay
>>> of email through the high speed ISP's SMTP.  It works well enough
>>> for personal and low volume needs.
>>> If you need to ssh through some firewall from a static IP, then
>>> you'd probably be set by getting some ISP which provides ssh
>>> to their box with a static IP.  I've never used their services,
>>> but vex.net <http://vex.net> in Toronto seems to offer a very flexible shell
>>> environment for $90/year including access to cron, C compilers,
>>> various scripting languages, use of tools like lynx, etc.
>>> --Donald
>>> Depending
>>> On 10/15/07, *Jon* <me at jonwatson.ca <mailto:me at jonwatson.ca>> wrote:
>>>     Hey All,
>>>     I'm discovering all sorts of things out here that are different from
>>>     Alberta. Today I discovered that Aliant wants $105/month for a static
>>>     IP. Clearly, that's highway robbery, but I need some sort of static
>>>     presence outbound as I need to get through firewalls now and again.
>>>     So, my questions are:
>>>     1. Is there someone more reasonably priced than Aliant?
>>>     2. Can anyone recommend a VPN service or something similar that I can
>>>     use to tunnel through?
>>>     3. Any other bright ideas?
>>>     Thanks
>>>     Jon
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