[nSLUG] Static IP Availability Question

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Mon Oct 15 14:06:20 ADT 2007

That seems to be the general concensus. Seems odd, though. As I wrote
earlier, I am temporarily on Eastlink DSL and my IP has changed twice in
three weeks. Well, I guess it's only changed once - I am on my second IP.

I just don't think I can take the chance, though. I mean, even if it
only changes every couple of months I'm still going to be unable to work
until someone in the organization changes the firewall rules and some
days that might be my task.

Need something a little more robust, me thinks.

As for bandwidth - Aliant has less than Eastlink? I was under the
impression that Aliant was cable and Eastlink was DSL, is that not
correct? Where I come from the cable providers have waaay more capacity
than the DSL providers and I assumed that to be the case here as Aliant
is giving me 15Mb down and Easlink can only manage 7 at best. Yes, I
know I won't see either in real life, but whatever :)

Like I say, though, I am new around here. It's quite possible that I've
missed something obvious....



Rick Burdon wrote:
> If you go with Eastlink you'll find that your IP won't change very
> often.  Maybe once a year or so.  The you can save the cash you would
> spend for a static.  There are some excellent free services out there
> that will update a domain name to a dynamic IP.  That way you can play
> all you want with VPN, ssh, webservers etc.  If you're stuck on Aliant
> they will still work very nicely.  But remember that their IPs update
> very frequently and Aliant doesn't have near the bandwith the Eastlink has.
> Rick
> On 10/15/07, *Jon* <me at jonwatson.ca <mailto:me at jonwatson.ca>> wrote:
>     Hey All,
>     I'm discovering all sorts of things out here that are different from
>     Alberta. Today I discovered that Aliant wants $105/month for a static
>     IP. Clearly, that's highway robbery, but I need some sort of static
>     presence outbound as I need to get through firewalls now and again.
>     So, my questions are:
>     1. Is there someone more reasonably priced than Aliant?
>     2. Can anyone recommend a VPN service or something similar that I can
>     use to tunnel through?
>     3. Any other bright ideas?
>     Thanks
>     Jon
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