[nSLUG] Static IP Availability Question

Scott Perry scperry at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 13:30:21 ADT 2007

You might want to take a look at OpenVPN. http://openvpn.net

It is based on SSL rather than IPSec, but it's free, has clients for 
mutiple OS's, it's easy to configure, firewall friendly, etc...


Jon wrote:
> Heya
> This is more of an outgoing issues. I ran servers in my previous house,
> but I have no desire to do that again here.
> Yes, a staging ssh machine that is trusted by all others in the network
> is a good idea, but it only solves half the problem. Many of the
> interfaces I need to get to are web interfaces hence why I thinking of a
>  VPN style solution. I know I can probably use an SSH tunnel through our
> staging machine, but there are less technical users that also need to
> use the system.
> I thought about a cheap VPS to provide VPN services to me, but I've had
> troubles with getting the necessary IPTables running in a VPS in the past.
> Lots of ideas...
> J
> D G Teed wrote:
>> If you are interested in running domain services, some of us are running
>> low volume web and email services on the cheap by using alternate ports in
>> combination with dynamic DNS services like dyndns, and smart relay
>> of email through the high speed ISP's SMTP.  It works well enough
>> for personal and low volume needs.
>> If you need to ssh through some firewall from a static IP, then
>> you'd probably be set by getting some ISP which provides ssh
>> to their box with a static IP.  I've never used their services,
>> but vex.net <http://vex.net> in Toronto seems to offer a very flexible shell
>> environment for $90/year including access to cron, C compilers,
>> various scripting languages, use of tools like lynx, etc.
>> --Donald
>> Depending
>> On 10/15/07, *Jon* <me at jonwatson.ca <mailto:me at jonwatson.ca>> wrote:
>>     Hey All,
>>     I'm discovering all sorts of things out here that are different from
>>     Alberta. Today I discovered that Aliant wants $105/month for a static
>>     IP. Clearly, that's highway robbery, but I need some sort of static
>>     presence outbound as I need to get through firewalls now and again.
>>     So, my questions are:
>>     1. Is there someone more reasonably priced than Aliant?
>>     2. Can anyone recommend a VPN service or something similar that I can
>>     use to tunnel through?
>>     3. Any other bright ideas?
>>     Thanks
>>     Jon
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