[nSLUG] New Years' Day: TCP/IP 25th Birthday Levee Invitation

Greg Hamilton greg.hamilton at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 21 23:57:16 AST 2007

Please someone tell me I'm not the only one on the list that received *two* 
invites to this levee. (I feel so *old*! <lol>)

All joking aside, Dan's hospitality is legendary - it ought to be a _very_ 
good time.

Well - two invites in my inbox convinced me. I'll be there.

If anyone else is going, let me know - it'll be nice to put some faces to 

For those that do not know Dan personally, he really is an early architect of 
the Canadian internet (dare I say "pioneer"?). I feel honoured to have known 
him all these years, and would like to take an opportunity to offer a well 
deserved "tip of the hat" to Dan. There's not too many people that make me 
feel slow in this business - but Dan's one. Thanks, Dan, for a job well done.

Very best regards,

(PS: for the record - I can answer yes to at least one of those questions - I 
know of a place in Springhill that _still_ uses vampire taps on ARCnet over 
RG-62/U coax... ;)
(PPS: Dan that'll be an RSVP for two of us, please and thankyou)

On Wednesday November 21 2007 02:17:28 pm Daniel MacKay wrote:
> * Did you help build the Internet before about 1995?
> * Do you find the string DEAD.BEEF.CAFE funny?
> * Can you argue about what "conservative" means in RFC 822?
> * Would you assert that a vampire tap is not just for Hallowe'en?
> * Can you quote Postel and Mockapetris chapter and verse?
> If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should celebrate
> the 25th anniversary of the Internet, on the afternoon of New Years
> Day, in Halifax with a biiiig group of your fellow Internet geek
> veterans!
> What is it? Refreshments and finger food for Halifax's digerati. This
> is not a videoconference, an e-meeting, a blog, WoW, Second Life,
> ting, bliki, moo, mud, or gobby. It's a real-life press-the-flesh,
> real wine and real cheese, face-to-face reception.
> For more information, visit http://bonmot.ca/levee/, and if you can
> join us for a piece of cake, some serious propellerhead schmoozing,
> and a toast to the best protocol in the world, RSVP to
> daniel at bonmot.ca .
> --
> Daniel MacKay
> Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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