[nSLUG] How to throughly test an MX server before making it live

Aaron Spanik a.spanik at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 13 18:27:43 AST 2007

On Tue, 13 Nov 2007 17:23:05 -0400
"D G Teed" <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am setting up a new MX server with the common trio of postfix,
> amavisd with SA and clamav.  It isn't hard to test mail delivery
> from local sendmail commands or from remote telnet to port 25,
> but what I really want to test is how is the thing going to score
> and tag spam compared to a production MX with slightly older
> SA and amavis and perl modules.
> I'd like to have a way to run a script from off site which sends
> a bunch of messages through via a specified MX.  Much like
> the test-messages work area of amavisd-new but with an
> ability to control the MX.
> Has anyone heard of such a QA method or script/tool?

Yup.  XFORWARD.  It's built right into postfix by default.  It's also
useful for passing extra information to amavisd via LMTP, i.e. the IP
address of the connecting client.  So you don't have to run it from
off-site, either.

less `postconf -v readme_directory`/XFORWARD_README


lynx/links/w3m `postconf -v html_directory`/XFORWARD_README.html

XFORWARD lets you spoof just about any envelope aspect of a mail
(from address, to address, connecting IP and associated DNS, etc.) by
passing key=value pairs on a connection to port 25.

For security reasons, it's wise to set smtpd_authorized_xforward_hosts
to only the machine you're wanting to test from.


Aaron Spanik
a.spanik at ns.sympatico.ca

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