[nSLUG] ffmpeg sync issues

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Nov 13 17:32:41 AST 2007

Herb wrote:
> I'm running 1gb ram and the data is going from one 7200rpm disc to
> another on an AMD 64 2800+ (32bit os) preemtible kernel. Only other
> thing I have running at the time is firefox.

Same controller?  IDE?

I use two IDE controllers, the fastest drives go on the best controller.
The CD-R and DVD go on the lower end - usually the motherboard controller.
I place one IDE per channel, this allows dma to be set (CD-R's will 
restrict a whole channel)

Is dma and IO32 enabled on the IDE drives?

use hdparm to check.

I had an issue with onboard IDE controllers not allowing dma mode, even 
though there were only hard drives on the controller.
This was due to the drivers compiled as modules - compiling the ide 
drivers into the kernel allowed the dma to be enabled.

hehe firefox can be a pig if you open the right site. :)


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