[nSLUG] ffmpeg sync issues

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sun Nov 11 11:07:26 AST 2007

Herb wrote:
> Anyone here having issues with video falling out of sync when using
> ffmpeg? There is evidence of it on various groups, but no one is
> offering up any possible reasons or solutions.
What version ffmpeg and transcode are you running?
Any diffs on mpegtools?

Did you setup a config for it?
Under your home dir, you should have .transcode and a file:


vrc_maxrate = 7000
vrc_buf_size = 1792

> I'm trying to build a dvd of short clips from various sources, some of
> which I'm editing in kino before exporting as a vob. Export from kino
> works fine but converting to dv, or any other format, using ffmpeg
> drops the video out of sync.
What type of multiple sources?  Different compressed types? 

I used to extract them and add the offset, but that was more for the 
subtitles (usually had to adjust timing).
I do remember some slight issues with ffmpeg, tyring to think back - its 
been a few months since I worked on any.

> I'm running gutsy ubuntu studio using the medibuntu ffmpeg, and I've
> also recompiled an svn version which I installed with checkconfig.
> Same probelm.
> My solution so far has been to export just the scene I need as raw dv
> from kino, strip the audio from the original file, re-sync  it using
> ardour and xjadeo, and use the dub option in kino.
> I had planned on using kdenlive, but the latest version is having
> audio and timeline issues. I'm wondering if it's all tied into ffmpeg
> problems.
> -Herb

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