[nSLUG] ffmpeg sync issues

Herb htheriault at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 10:06:57 AST 2007

Anyone here having issues with video falling out of sync when using
ffmpeg? There is evidence of it on various groups, but no one is
offering up any possible reasons or solutions.

I'm trying to build a dvd of short clips from various sources, some of
which I'm editing in kino before exporting as a vob. Export from kino
works fine but converting to dv, or any other format, using ffmpeg
drops the video out of sync.

I'm running gutsy ubuntu studio using the medibuntu ffmpeg, and I've
also recompiled an svn version which I installed with checkconfig.
Same probelm.

My solution so far has been to export just the scene I need as raw dv
from kino, strip the audio from the original file, re-sync  it using
ardour and xjadeo, and use the dub option in kino.

I had planned on using kdenlive, but the latest version is having
audio and timeline issues. I'm wondering if it's all tied into ffmpeg


Herb Theriault

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