[nSLUG] Cleaning out my desk...

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Sat Nov 10 16:36:52 AST 2007

I fond a model label plate from an IBM 3380 E.

The "E" model of the IBM 3380 Direct Access Storage device was released
in 1985, in "single" or "double" capacity versions. The "double"
capacity of them could store "5.04 billion characters per unit", which I
suppose works out to just shy of 5 GB. Physical size, you ask? 8 racks.
Not 8 rack /units/, 8 racks.

For the bargain cost of $134,740 for the highest capacity system...
Slightly more then $250,000 in 2006 dollars.

In the past month I have:

- personally purchased 4GB of storage, 2GB each of "micro" and "mini" SD
cards... One was the wrong size for the specific need I had, but with
the included USB adaptor, for $35 I figured I'd keep it. Strangely, the
larger of them was more expensive, but with taxes.. 4GB for less then

- provisioned two servers each with 8 146GB drives in a RAID-6
configuration.. total storage, each: 876 GB.. "list" cost for these
(servers: including 8 2.33GhZ cores and memory) would be about $9000,
give or take.

..... How far we have come.

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