[nSLUG] Ubuntu crash with scp.

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Fri Nov 9 10:49:20 AST 2007

Mike Spencer wrote:
> me> I keep Java disabled nearly all the time.
> Rich> What about Java-Da-Script   Its ugly ... son... :P
> Yes, that that, too, although I turn it on more often than Java.
> Rich> Oh wait, you should be running 4.79 if you can find it.
> Ah!  What?  Well, Netscape 4.76 was the last/latest version I could
> find that as just "Navigator", not "Communicator".  They were going on
> to later versions but not as stand-alone Navigator.  I don't want my
> browser to even be *able* to send mail, let alone news and all the
> other stuff in "Communicator".  So now that you say
> that...tikky-tikki-google-click...
> I see there's a Navigator 4.79 RPM.  Oh.  Where did that come from?
> Okay, I'm downloading it from ftp.pbone.net as I write.
> Rich> Could be a memory leak.
> That's consistent with what I see but I have no idea how to confirm it.
Definitely.  but..  very hard to see.  How about a resource hog script 
that runs in cron.
Have it check for processes of 80% that run more than 30 seconds or more.
These kind of scripts work - sometimes when you don't want them to. :) 
hehe compressing movies...
I had an issue with Sybase and Apache, mostly network timing issues, old 
box, limited memory, adding the hog check
helped kill runaway's and free up the system.  I also had it send a mail 
about the process it killed.

Used to call 4.7x Nutscrape... just when you think you had it resolved.. 

> Rich> The point of the key map is the keyboard is still active, just
> Rich> that X is blind.
> Well, I just went out and found a site that would hang Netscape & X on
> Host A.
> The keyboard does nothing.  That is, CTRL-ALT-Fn makes no change on
> the screen.  Mouse cursor is locked.
I would try adding the mapping to see if the ctrl-alt-esc works.
The function keys always die, with the mouse as well.
Do you know if you have the Sysrq enabled in your kernel?
This saved me from fscking my system ever hard crash.  :)

> If I then telnet in from another box (Host B) and type startx in the
> telnet session, X starts on Host A.  I then have control of the X
> session/display from Host A's keyboard and mouse.  I can now kill the
> X session from Host A's keyboard by typing ^D in the X login xterm.
> But the result is a empty black screen.
exactly. been there.  :)  the problem is the video state is locked.
what that save script does is makes a copy of the vga text block - the 
part that gets hosed.
I even tried vgatext modes, nothing restores it.  These commands 
supposedly restore it.
I think the problem is the memory location, and cards have grown in 
memory size since this command was first created.
I've been trying to find what register causes the screen modes to reset, 
when X initiates or shutdowns,
you see the card reset itself.  This is what doesn't happen on the lockup.

I tried remote starting X and then shutting down, hoping it would 
trigger the reset, but it doesn't.
So I became sysrq aware to save my filesystems the harm of hard crash.
ext3 journaling has helped remove that fear of corrupted files as well.

> I now have access via ALT-Fn (n=[1-6]) to the 6 default consoles but
> nothing shows on the screen.  Typing, say, ALT-F6, shows no login
> prompt.  But if I go through the login steps blind and type startx
> blind, X starts up fine.  Then I can type CTRL-ALT-F2 (say) and get
> another black console screen with nothing on it.  Going through the
> login steps blind again apparently gets me a login because, after
> reverting to X in console 7, I can see that /dev/tty2 now belongs to
> me.
> I'm in that state now as I write.  I got there before I read your
> message.  So I'm going to have to do this intentional wedge-up all
> over again and see if what you say is precisely correct.  Ho hum. 
The vga restore - if run when you first boot the system, may work.
I would make a script to run the restore -  maybe something short   rvga
  remember you have to type it blind - the less letters the better :) 
cant see  mistakes hehe

> Why would I want an iPhone or an X-box when I have sooo many funnn
> things to do with an old PIII?  :-)


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