[nSLUG] Ubuntu crash with scp.

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Fri Nov 9 01:37:01 AST 2007

Mike Spencer wrote:
> me> ...known to have bugs (Netscape 4.76) appears to provoke a lockup.
> me> No screen activity and no response to mouse & keyboard.
> Rich> Hmm.. I remember those days... it seemed to be the virtual
> Rich> machines that java was spawning.
> Um, well, probably not for me.  I keep Java disabled nearly all the
> time .  I've used it maybe 4 times.  (The only time it really
> mattered, in fact, my Java package, even using Firefox, wasn't new
> enough to do what was needed.)
What about Java-Da-Script   Its ugly ... son... :P

Oh wait, you should be running 4.79 if you can find it.
Could be a memory leak.  I may still have it here somewhere...

> Rich> You can try mapping a key mapping -   Ctrl-Alt-Esc  to xkill
> Well, I never thought of doing that and it's a useful idea. My WM
> (twm) has a popup menu in the RootWindow that does that.  But in this
> problem case, there's *no* response from the keyboard at all,
> apparently because by the time I know I need to kill Netscape, it has
> already died, along with X, leaving the keyboard cut off from the
> system.
The point of the key map is the keyboard is still active, just that X is 
When it locks on me, no mouse, no other key combo other  than 
ctrl-alt-bkspace or reboot.
Now I hit the c-a-esc and suddenly I have mouse control and click - bad 
app gone and system back to normal...
I check for residuals, but it does a nice kill.  

>> If you have a 2nd machine, telneting into your machine and killing 
>> netscape works.
> No, the question is: If I telnet in from another machine and find
> Netscape and X already dead, how do I force the system to return
> control to the console?

I apologize, the name of the app is restoretextmode not svga mode :)

Here is a script I run when I start the system - should run in rc.local

rm -f /etc/vga/textregs /etc/vga/fontdata
restoretextmode -w /etc/vga/textregs
restorefont -w /etc/vga/fontdata

After lockup, if the video card isnt frozen,
the restoretextmode and restorefont will work,
but as I said earlier, I've never had it successfully work  (maybe on an 
older card it will).

    restoretextmode {-r|-w} filename

      The state of the SVGA is written to or restored from filename 
using the
       vga_gettextmoderegs(3) and vga_settextmoderegs(3) functions.

> Dang, now that I've explained this a few times, I'm just going to have
> to go out and look for a site that does this lockup thing, wedge my
> system on purpose and then experiment with it more than I have.
> Thanks for the motivation. :-)
np :)

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