[nSLUG] Ubuntu crash with scp.

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Thu Nov 8 23:52:07 AST 2007

>     Under some unspecified conditions a program widely known to have
>     bugs (Netscape 4.76) appears to provoke a lockup.  No screen activity
>     and no response to mouse & keyboard.
>     A login to the apparently frozen machine via telnet proceeds
>     normally.  Doing ps shows that X is *already* missing from the
>     process list.  So is Netscape.  I infer that Netscape 4.76 and
>     X have both died, provoked by some buggy action of Netscape.
Hmm.. I remember those days... it seemed to be the virtual machines that 
java was spawning.

You can try mapping a key mapping -   Ctrl-Alt-Esc  to xkill
I noticed under XFCE this is a default now and its saved me many times now.
I run Citrix and under Linux, it tends to freeze every now and then.

I still get lockups with Firefox, where system is non-responsive.
Still seems to be java related.  Something was added in that's 
really causing issues on java heavy sites.
Just open the Java Console and watch the errors scroll on by.

When the lockup occurs, I press the Ctrl-Alt-Esc - scull n crossed bones 
appear - I click the mouse and I have gained back system control. :)
Works better than Ctrl-Alt-Sysrq functions. (E,I,S, and finally B)

If you have a 2nd machine, telneting into your machine and killing 
netscape works.

> My question is not how to avoid this (upgrade browser inter alia,
> etc. etc.)  but how to recover control of the console(s) gracefully
> without a reboot when it happens.
If you end up where the video mode is stuck - graphic garbage.
Your safe bet is to reboot.  Unless you can blind type, startx will 
actually work, but the vgatext mode is pretty much hosed.
You can try running the save/restore vgatext mode method, but I have 
never successfully recovered from a video crash.
It used to happen when running games that swapped full window mode.  I 
haven't had the problem since I switched to an Nvidia card.
Alt-Sysrq was my friend.  At least I could flush the buffers and sync 
the drives before rebooting.
There are even times when alt-sysrq wont respond. :) not many.. but it 
happens (mostly when kernel video libs are incorrect)

> Since it only happens rarely in association (I infer) with HTML markup
> that is too complex (or possibly broken) for the browser to handle,
> I'll have to wait for the next occurrence before I can futz with it
> again.
Yup CSS will do that to 4.76

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