[nSLUG] Ubuntu crash with scp.

David Payne david at payneful.ca
Thu Nov 8 00:21:17 AST 2007

On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 11:19:10PM -0400, Mike Spencer wrote:
> David Payne <david at payneful.ca> wrote:
> > My system has locked up twice while I was doing this....No error
> > messages or nothing, just lock up.
> I recently acquired a clue about a lockup situation and now need
> another.  This may not be even tangentially related to David's
> situation.  But I'll recount it and see what happens. :-)
> I use Netscape Navigator 4.76 [1] and occasionally -- perhaps a half
> dozen times a year -- the system begins to slow down while Netscape is
> trying to render a page, slows to the point that cursor movements
> occur a minute after the corresponding mouse movement.  Eventually the
> system appears to lock up. Have to power down, I thought.
> I finally discovered that the system itself is *not* locked up.  I can
> telnet in from another (local) box and find that all is well except
> that neither Netscape *nor X* is still running.  Apparently Netscape
> fails in a way that crashes X and X exits without relinquishing
> control of the screen, keyboard and mouse.  The result: There is
> nothing that the user can do from the keyboard or mouse to regain
> control, including ALT-Fn console switch or CTRL-ALT-DEL.
> Is is possible, David, that you've had something similar happen with X
> so that you lose the Ubuntu user interface while the system is still
> okay?  Probably not but it's one notion to consider.


Thanks for the response.  I did not try connecting to the 
machine with ssh (like telnet).  I did try 
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, but like in your case it did not work.  
This may be the case but I don't think it is.  From the 
machine in question I used ssh to connect to another 
machine.  From that machine I used scp to copy files back to 
the original.  I don't think that a remote scp connection 
could cause just X to crash but I could be wrong.  I will 
make sure to ssh to it from another machine next time it 
happens to see if it is possible.



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