[nSLUG] When the power might be out for days

Michael Wheadon mikeat10500 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 21:59:08 ADT 2007

 The power can not fail in the north end of
Dartmouth,'cause I have my heart set on a year of
uptime on my old Dell desktop before I clean out the
dust bunnies building up inside it.
 No UPS. Just luck.

--- Bigadmin <bigadmin at unixplanet.biz> wrote:

> is there any time has been set that we might lose
> power 
> or we should just wait and see how strong the storm
> will be.
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> On 11/3/07, Ian Campbell <ian at slu.ms> wrote:
> > It sounds to me like the answer was in your
> question.
> Well, what I'd do and what we do are two different
> things :-)
> That is why I sometimes seek opinions and experience
> here to verify
> I am not an Ardvark in my evaluations of where we
> should act.
> I was curious if any sites without generators just
> power
> down their servers when they see a storm like this
> one
> coming.
> > A generator is almost certainly infeasible for
> small businesses (not
> > to mention the maintenance required, checking to
> make sure it actually
> > fails over, and then hoping that it fails over
> when it has to...), but
> > a decent UPS is not.
> >
> > Presumably if you have "key business systems" you
> can afford a better
> > UPS. Even most relatively cheap UPSes can be
> polled.
> We have a new UPS, but I think ours came from the
> Dollarama.
> They are just starting to evaluate the client
> software now,
> but the information on how to configure the sort of
> parameters
> I've seen for APC client software is nil.
> My best approximation of what we could do, is to run
> an APC
> brand device somehere, just to be able to have
> something to poll
> from many platforms with apcupsd.  But I'd need to
> convince
> the superior, who distrusts open source, that this
> would be
> trustable software.
> In any case, it is too late for tonight to implement
> a solution, so
> I've given them enough rope to hang themselves (I've
> already
> tried reason, but they seem to act as if I'm going
> outside of
> my role to think like a manager) and I'll just see
> what happens.
> --Donald
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