[nSLUG] Power Loss and UPSs

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Mon Nov 5 10:41:39 AST 2007

> that will hold 50+ 
> servers up for 2 hours.  That is a lot of battery power.

 In our colo rooms(there are 3 in the 2 cities) we have a ~200 machines 
(about ~150 of them in the main server room)
all on monitored UPS's, and each location has a gas generator that kicks 
in after 30 seconds and
lasts 4 to 5 days with guaranteed fuel delivery for longer periods. The 
generators get tested Every Friday morning.
Thankfully the longest we've ever had to run on them was 8 hours and 
that was during Hurricane Juan.

Unfortunately my house doesn't have a generator and we are still without 
power, so last nights entertainment was
my wife, daughter and I huddled around a laptop watching a DVD eating 
Pizza :)

 Anyone know what decent generators run these days that run for at least 
6 hours? If they are cheap enough I might pick one up and keep it around 
for days like this.

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