[nSLUG] Re: Power Loss and UPSs

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Nov 4 23:23:57 AST 2007

> I look forward to hearing the experinces of others over this week-end.

Power down at dawn, back up ca. 9:00 pm.

A small item that got me some years ago but not this time:

If you have a generator but happily don't need to use it for several
years, it's possible for the permanent magnet to lose enough strength
that it won't bootstrap the generator.  You then have to hook a 9V
battery across a couple of contacts, start the motor and yank the
battery off before it melts or explodes.

So: you should not only test-run the emergency generator
periodically.  You should also put a load on it for several minutes to
see that it is in fact producing power and to boost the permanent
magnet strength.

Newer generators may have improved or, if battery started, not have
this liability at all.  My oldest, 1500 watt gen (small enough that I
can heft it onto the truck without help for mobile power tool use) is
Korean War surplus vintage, works perfectly but didn't when I left it
unused for 10 years.  The 9V battery fix was demonstrated to me by
the helpful guys at L&B Electric.

- Mike

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