[nSLUG] Configuring wireless-G on a laptop

Rick Burdon burdonrc at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 14:59:10 AST 2007

You may have a broadcom wireless adapter.  Check the specs to see.  If so
you'll likely have to use ndiswrapper to set it up.  The end result works
pretty good but is a little more involved to setup.


On Nov 4, 2007 3:29 PM, Barry Miller <millerb at hfx.eastlink.ca> wrote:

> Need a little help understanding this wireless setup.
> Some history
> I have a LINKSYS WPC54G Ver 4 Adapter with the router setup to a cable
> modem all worked with Windose XP. The other week while waiting for a
> flight I found at the newstand a LINUX MAGAZINE with DEBIAN 4.0 ETCH.
> Tired as too how slow this laptop was working under Windose I came home
> with a brand new plan. The Install worked great, the last time I install
> Linux was with Slackware3 over 28.8 modem and 486 25sx, I think I still
> have the floppies somewhere.This was a piece of cake I can't believe how
> far things have came along and this Presario 900 laptop screaming now.
> It would be great to get the wireless card working so I don't have to
> spend so much time next to the cable modem.(wife agrees)
> lspci (-gives me this my thinking the card is found )wrong
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems
> [AirConn] INPROCOMM IPN 2220 Wireless LAN Adapter (rev 01)
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> interface eth0 is active
> but I have no interface for the wireless
> iwconfig
> > lo        no wireless extensions.
> >
> > eth0      no wireless extensions.
> >
> > sit0      no wireless extensions.
> I've been reading HOWTO'S but I'm missing something,
> Here's hoping someone can help.
> Many thanks
> Barry
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