[nSLUG] When the power might be out for days....

Kevin Fleming kfleming at accesswave.ca
Sun Nov 4 07:59:59 AST 2007

I beg to differ with you, but the nine days outage in some areas is
true, after White Juan.  After Juan, we were without power for seven

I know because I personally was in an area in Halifax that had lost
power for nine days, and we were working on the tenth day when the power
company finally got around to restoring our power, and we had a few
'bumps' along that road to get it back up and on solidly.  

I recall that on day ten, at about 10am the power came on at our house,
then went off for about another hour, then came on for about half an
hour and dropped again, then finally came on and stayed on.  It finally
locked in to solidly on at around 1PM that day. 

It was also three days before the plough came through and cleared the
MAIN road, and we had to hire a private plough operator to clear the
road I was on, the next day. We lived in Chezzetcook area at the time
and I do recall we had over a meter of snow, mainly caused by the drifts
in some areas. 

It truly was an ' interesting time '.  

As to Sackville having power the next day, you should consider yourself
lucky that you were so high on the priority list. We poor country living
folk got to have loads of fun huddling in the dark using oil lamps and
wood stoves and kerosene heaters to stay warm, and to melt snow so we
could have drinking water and wash water.  

Funny thing about electric pumps for water wells. They don't work so
well to flush the toilet or have a shower when the power is off. 

As to power outages over last night's storm, our power bumped off and on
a few times, but didn't cause much of an issue since I had come to a
decision to 'down' my server before the event caused any.  Since it's
not a production server or critical in any way (except to us), it wasn't
a problem.  

But I do see how a total outage in the area would cause some problems.
Of course, even if the power stays on but the network goes offline is
just as serious an issue. And I would imagine Eastlink or Aliant will
also have a few of those situations. 

Planning is good, but Mother Nature will put paid to any plans you make
if you give her a chance. Just like the military operations, no plan
survives contact with the enemy.  

> The last storm you're referring to is probably "White Juan" or even 
> "Juan" Either way, in our subdivision in Sackville, the power was 
> restored the next day. However, it did take 2 days before the plow came 
> by to let us out. Some people went 5 days without, I know 9 is an 
> exaggeration.
> Gilbert

Kevin Fleming
Casey of Chezzetcook
Registered Linux User 

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