[nSLUG] crontab help

Vikram Chhatre crypticlineage at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 17:10:04 ADT 2007

Greg Estabrooks wrote:
> Out of curiousity,  try
>  VISUAL=/usr/local/bin/nano crontab -e
> __

Breeze of fresh air.  That worked.   Can you explain how?

I have set up my crontab file to launch a script that in turn launches 
mplayer to play a local radio station.  Its working fine now, but I do 
not have a way of controlling it because mplayer is running in 
background.   Can I set it up to launch through a terminal?  I tried 
following, but that didn't work:


/usr/local/bin/aterm \
/usr/local/bin/mplayer http://radiostation.url

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