[nSLUG] Looking for Tripwire Subject Matter Expert

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Fri Nov 2 15:02:03 ADT 2007

I didn't mean to imply that there was an application process. I simply asked
for someone who had some practical experience with Tripwire.

If your inference is that there is more work than is being disclosed,
you failed to infer successfully. What you successfully inferred is
that this job is so trivial that it has no merit and is therefore only
worthy of flip responses like "Google it".

Thank you for the tip to rentacoder. I know of several such places, but I
thought I would see if someone local was up for it first.


On 11/2/07, Dop Ganger <nslug at fop.ns.ca> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Nov 2007, Jon wrote:
> > I guess we're even then. I consider it arrogant for you to assume that
> you
> > know so much about my schedule and workload that only a simpleton could
> > possibly want to hire someone to help with this.
> No, I'm wondering why anyone would want to apply to do such a small amount
> of work; my inference is there's more to the work that isn't being
> disclosed. I know that for me it wouldn't be worth doing such a small
> amount of work since it would cost more in billing time, travel time, etc.
> Perhaps rentacoder.com might be a more economical choice for your project,
> if no-one else shows interest?
> Cheers... Dop.
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