[nSLUG] part time Linux sysadmin

Peter Dobcsanyi peter at cs.dal.ca
Thu May 31 22:25:23 ADT 2007

Hi folks,

We are looking for a part time system administrator for our high
performance 240 CPU Linux cluster Glooscap. The cluster belongs to the
D-Drive Lab in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Dalhousie
University.  The operating system is based on the Ubuntu 64-bit Linux
server distribution. Most of the system components are Open Source

The ideal candidate would be a student with related research interest,
although this is not a requirement. Nevertheless, we prefer to consider
the position as a real Research Assistant job in contrast to just being
a sysadmin. It could provide plenty of opportunities to do real research
in cluster and grid technology, for cooperation with various OSS
projects or to learn about interesting research involving High
Performance Computing. In particular, you could participate in the
development of our Open Source cluster kit Cloner.

For more details, please visit:



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