[nSLUG] Learning TEX

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed May 30 00:55:51 ADT 2007

Yow!  Thanks for the pointers, George. Almost all of your comments are
stuff I didn't find when groveling through (what purports to be) the
teTeX documentation.

This may all be too hard, considering how infrequently I have to
prepare a professional-looking document.  I downloaded the short,
markup version of lshort.pfd recommended by Vikram and (after tweaking
the the Makefile) ran make. Lots of warning messages, numerous output
files of 7 or 8 types the purpose of which is unclear. And the
resulting PDF is pretty and readable but has lots of bits missing.

I remember that I was knocked silly by Emacs until I went and bought
the manual.  Now I I don't condiser a machine a working computer until
Emacs is up.  So...

> Eventually you will need "The LaTeX Companion", a comprehensive
> resource...

maybe I should get that.  Is it available in Halifax?

> Most academic users start with the source of some article their
> thesis supervisor wrote and use it as boilerplate.

Ha! :-)  So they mostly don't have to know what the \hentracks do.
Just make it look like the boss's stuff does.

Well, I'll read the piece Vikram recommended, look for the book George
says is comprehensive.

Scott> http://kile.sourceforge.net/

Do you have to actually run KDE to use that? Or will it work in X if
the KDE libs are installed?  I use X but no "desktop".

Ho hum.  Maybe I sould just try to get Corel WordPerfet or some other
WYSIWYG word processor working.  The lasttime I had to make a
pretty-printed document, I did HTML markup and printed it from the
browser.  Cringe.  Two years ago, maybe?

- Mike

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